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School land-use bill hits roadblock

A councilman seeks clarity in the plan, which he says is too similar to the PLDC
A Honolulu city councilman and others have raised late objections to a bill that would authorize the private development of public school land, undermining its chances as state House and Senate negotiators approach a deadline on Friday. Read More

Council unanimously passes sidewalk nuisance bill

HONOLULU —Councilman Ikaika Anderson held up pictures of De-Occupy Honolulu campers at Thomas Square before the Honolulu City Council passed Bill 7 by a vote of 9-0 Wednesday.
After nearly 18 months at Thomas Square, Anderson said residents are getting fed up with tents and other items that protestors place on city sidewalks surrounding the historic park.

“Enough is enough,” said Anderson as the Council discussed the bill. “Let’s pass Bill 7, (and) return our public sidewalks to all of Honolulu’s citizens.” Read More

Mayor: 77 miles of road repaved in 3 months; 14 projects out to bid

HONOLULU —Mayor Kirk Caldwell said he's already knocked 77 miles off his road repaving "to-do" list since he took the mayoral post three months ago.

And he just put 14 more major road projects, worth $106 million, out to bid.

“(The public) is demanding, screaming, and crying out for a game-changing road repaving effort and I think we're doing exactly that,” he said at a news conference on Monday.

“Holding a press conference to alert the council as to what the mayors plan's are, is not what I would call 'working together,’" said councilmember Ikaika Anderson, who was surprised by Monday’s news.

He said he's skeptical the mayor will get the money he needs to reach his goal, unless he's willing to cut vacant positions, or add a vehicle fee to make up the difference.Read more

Council wants limits on the use of funds from empty job posts

Key members of the City Council are taking steps to tighten the rules for filling vacant job positions so that city agencies cannot spend the money on other purposes.
Too much is being diverted to pay for such things as mileage expenses and cashing out unused vacation pay for retiring employees, says Councilman Ikaika Anderson.  Read More

Push to expand smoking ban

A limited smoking ban on certain Oahu beaches became law two days ago, and there is now a push to expand the rules to all city beaches on the island.

Honolulu City Councilman Ikaika Anderson pushed for an islandwide beach smoking ban last month, but was unsuccessful. He is now introducing a new bill that he hopes will garner support from colleagues.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell supports the idea and has said that he would sign Anderson’s bill into law if the measure is approved by the council.

A statewide smoking law was passed in 2006 and banned smoking inside and within 20 feet of workplace entrances and businesses. Only four citations have been issued since then and the number of recorded complaints has gone from 220 in 2006 to 39 in 2012. Read More

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