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News >> Mayor: 77 miles of road repaved in 3 months; 14 projects out to bid

HONOLULU —Mayor Kirk Caldwell said he's already knocked 77 miles off his road repaving "to-do" list since he took the mayoral post three months ago.

And he just put 14 more major road projects, worth $106 million, out to bid.

“(The public) is demanding, screaming, and crying out for a game-changing road repaving effort and I think we're doing exactly that,” he said at a news conference on Monday.

“Holding a press conference to alert the council as to what the mayors plan's are, is not what I would call 'working together,’" said councilmember Ikaika Anderson, who was surprised by Monday’s news.

He said he's skeptical the mayor will get the money he needs to reach his goal, unless he's willing to cut vacant positions, or add a vehicle fee to make up the difference.Read more