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News >> Sidewalk ordinance is long overdue

Letter to the Editor

Congratulations to Honolulu City Council member Ikaika Anderson and other Council members for Bill 7, and Mayor Kirk Caldwell for enforcing this sidewalk-nuisance ordinance. It was long overdue.I do not see the mayor or the Council as being inhumane. On the contrary, the homeless were offered shelter but refused because they’d rather not be subjected to rules and regulations. I, too, would love to live without laws that restrict my every move. Sorry, lawless societies create chaos beyond one’s wildest imagination. And as far as (de)Occupy Honolulu protesters are concerned, they should stop hiding behind that “free speech” veil and go get a worthwhile life. Do I despise the homeless? No. Do I think it disgusting and repulsive that they took over the city by illegally camping whenever and wherever they feel like? Yes.

As for the American Civil Liberties Union, it is doing what it thinks it needs to do. God bless it.Using our taxpayer money to defend Bill 7 will be money very well spent.

Richard Ornellas