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Ikaika Anderson pushes for Term Limits at State “It’s Time”

Press Release 

February 11, 2022

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In light of the recent corruption charges that have cast a shadow over the Capitol, former Honolulu City Council Chairman Ikaika Anderson is raising questions regarding a state measure that was passed in 2021, benefitting lawmakers who engaged in illegal affairs, on the taxpayers’ dime.

In January 2021, the original version of HB 670 was introduced in the state House of Representatives and required that state pensioners convicted of a felony in conjunction with their official job duties lose their entire pensions. The bill that ultimately passed and became Act 84 instead takes only half of a convicted felon’s State of Hawaiʻi Employees’ Retirement System pension, with a retroactive clause that excludes felonies committed prior to June 2021. The Act took into effect upon passage in June 2021.

“If the intent was to punish convicted felon pensioners by rightfully garnishing their entire pensions, why did state House leadership agree to amendments to HB 670 prior to enactment?” asked Anderson. “And why does the law specifically forgive those felonies committed prior to June 2021? Something is hauna,” Anderson continued, using the Hawaiian word for “stink, foul odor.”

The former City Council Chairman, who served in a term-limited City Council position, also expressed his commitment to propose term limits for state legislators.

“County Councilmembers and City Councilmembers, who are also legislators, are all subject to term limits,” Anderson said. “As part of the next state administration’s legislative package, I would submit a Constitutional Amendment proposing term limits for state representatives and state senators. It’s time.”

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